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How Many Piece LED Panels Do I Need for Office or Workshops ?

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All of us regularly get asked, “how many pieces LED panel lights do I require to light a room By big?”

The answer will depend on the function of the space and the level of lighting you will need. For example , a good office
illumination level is around 400-450 lux, but for workshops, you should prefer a light level of around 600 lux.

We’ve worked through the couple of examples below, depending on recent custom lighting plans we’ve completed. These are
fundamental designs for a 10m by 10m room.

1st Example:

The example towards the right has 16 by 36w LED Panels, the actual ceiling is 3m high and the work plane is actually 0. 75m
(standard desk height).This will provide you with a fine even lux level among 250-440 lux across the space, making it a
perfect office illumination level.

how many led panel do i need westdeer-led 1

2nd Example:

This particular design has 24 by 36w LED Panels. Once again, the ceiling is 3m high and the work aircraft is 0. 75m (standard
desk height).This will supply you with a nice even lux level around 600 lux over the room, ideal for workshops or even similar
working environments.

how many led panel do i need westdeer-led 2

You can browse our WESTDEER LED panels in our Office Lighting. The Panel used in these examples is the 603x603 40w LED Panel which have ETL DLC certification . We’ve also recently introduced a new big round panel 600mm diameter Ultra Efficient big LED Panel.

*The above data should only be used as a guide, we recommend getting a full design completed.

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